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Craft the perfect technical assessments to find your clients ideal candidate in just minutes


Have the capability to create your own tests by with our library of ready made topics and 2,000+ questions

Unbiased insights

Shortlist candidates based on ability and potential rather than just experience and qualifications

Widen your talent pool

The Showtech dashboard anonymises candidates’ details so that you can shortlist based on performance rather than background, education or experience - widening the pool of candidates you can choose from
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Sift with ease

Stop wasting your time sifting through CVs and start using Showtech to do it for you. Send candidates an assessment link and find out who the top performers are.
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Shortlist with confidence

Our range of off-the-shelf questions cover all major coding languages, technologies and three degrees of difficulty; combined with the ability to add your own questions, you can be confident in creating an assessment perfect for the job spec.
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